Saturday, February 12, 2011


     Ok so I have this problem that I've been trying to quit for a while. I start something, get halfway through then I either rip it out or put it in the closet and never finish it. So the socks are frogged because they wound up being HUGE and the fair isle bag is sitting on my computer desk all lonely. I have since started a hat for a co worker and a lace shawl. I got a huge box of yarn that I ordered from Knit Picks this week and now I have startitis. I just want to see how the veregated yarn works up.
    I have finished 3 other projects but they are under wraps for the moment because they are for my brand. I've been working alot of my brand lately and pretty much I've had alot of things that got frogged because I didn't like them. The hat for my coworker is only still alive because she said she really like the way the yarn worked up. I personally don't like it at all but I' not going to be the one wearing it.
   About the projects for my brand. We'll just say they're 2 hats and a scarf for now so I'm not too mean about talking about them. You'll see pictures of them soon enough. I need to get my business license and a business account set up before they get released. So much to do. So little time.
TTFN and take care!

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