Sunday, January 23, 2011

Book Review Sunday

      Ok in my attempt to share my fiber art enthusiasm with the fiber community, I'm going to review a book every Sunday unless other arrangements are made. This week I'm going to review Crocheting School: A Complete Course by Inc. Sterling Publishing Company. This book is a wonderful reference guide that gives step by step directions on every type of crochet stitch you can imagine. It starts you out with the basics, then shows you stitches that are variations of the basics. It even works you through Tunisian crochet, which I am admittedly a novice at, and different types of lace. There are a bunch of edgings in the back too! The full color photos to work you through the stitches. Now as I am left handed, they're not particularly useful but you learn to get the general idea.
     Now being in with true reference style, there are no actual projects in this book but I think it will give you plenty of inspiration to make projects that you wouldn't have had the confidence to make before. If you've read this book or used any of the stitches in it, please give your opinion on the usefulness of this book. I would recommend this book to any beginner personally and even some more advanced crocheters would benefit from the techniques that are discussed in this wonderful book.
    Ok now onto randomness. Last night I had a hankering for 2 different sandwiches. A grilled peanut butter and banana sandwich (a favorite of the King himself) and a fluffer nutter. So, well, I combined them. I put a blob of fluff on one side, but the bananas on top of that and then put a blob of peanut butter on the other slice of bread and buttered the outsides and grilled it. OMG was it good! I was licking the plate because alot of it fell out and I didn't want to miss any of it. My friend and I were thinking it would taste good battered and deep fried. Yeah, that will be good for my crohn's!
Well, another day to say TTFN and take care!

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