Friday, January 28, 2011

Ok So I lied and #1

   Yeah I admit it. I lied to you. I couldn't wait until Sunday to start my 100 projects in a year, it was just impossible. So what am I making? Well I'm making the Elise Shawl, a pattern I found on good ole Ravelry. I'm using 2 balls of Vanna's Glamour and an H hook.
   I have to say it's been several months since I've crocheted a project and my wrists have lost the strength they once had to crochet for hours on end instead of knitting for hours on end. But the fluidity of the yarn flowing through my hand and the graceful motions and flicks of the wrists made me remember why I love this craft so much.
   While searching through the internet I discovered 2 things last night. Firstly Bohus knitting, which is beautiful but I'm not sure how to do it (I was really more interested in looking at it rather than looking for instructions). The other thing I've discovered are color work mittens that have a beautiful damask pattern (my favorite) worked with a black background and a veregated yarn. I have to say that it is simply wow and on my list to do very very soon!
   Once I have finished my Elise Shawl, I will be sure to post photos. But for now it's off to many hours of happy crochet time.
Take care and TTFN

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